Why Batteries Fail Prematurely - Knowing the 6 leading causes of battery failure will help you prevent it from happening

The lead-acid battery is the primary source of backup power for today's mission critical systems. It's used to protect everything from switchgear to telecommunications equipment. And it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. But despite their important role, batteries fail. The challenge is to keep those failures from happening prematurely.

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How to Specify Maintenance Agreements for UPS Systems

The primary reason behind any maintenance agreement is to ensure system reliability and safety. Therefore, it's not surprising that agreements with inclusive preventive maintenance inspections have been shown to yield a high degree of equipment reliability and safety.

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Seven Tips for UPS Maintenance

Your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is your data center’s first line of defense against power variations—spikes, dips and so on. Because thousands of dollars (or far more) of IT equipment is depending on a clean power supply, you can’t afford to wait for problems to arise in your UPS system before taking action: preventive maintenance is critical to uptime and to protecting sensitive electronics.

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ten heat

Finding and Fixing the Top Ten Causes of Unwanted Heat in the Data Centre

As we look at the common causes of unwanted heat, what you’ll notice is that heat problems are rarely caused by insufficient cooling. The vast majority of facilities we survey have more than enough air conditioning to cool their facility. In fact it’s not uncommon to find cooling capacities that are two or three times what’s required for the installed equipment. What this means is that heat problems are in fact airflow management problems. This is worth keeping in mind as we go through the list.

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Basic vs. Intelligent PDUs: Understanding the Differences

What Are the Differences Between Basic and Intelligent PDUs? A rack mount power strip, or rack power distribution unit (PDU), is a device fitted with many outlets that distribute electric power to servers, storage devices, and networking equipment located within racks or cabinets in a data center...

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Airflow Management vs. Thermal Management: What’s the Difference?

It comes as no surprise that in any conversation around data center energy efficiency, cost reduction, and overall health of IT infrastructure, there lies two common denominators: airflow management and thermal management. While they are commonly coupled together as ‘one in the same’, there are distinct differences between the two. A common misconception is that improving airflow management will improve thermal management. This, however, is not the case.

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future email2

Preparing for the Data Center of the Future

Future-proofing, or the attempt to anticipate future demands, is an important element to data center management and planning. New IT devices are coming to market with unforeseen capabilities at record volume and pace, using more and more data, making it seemingly impossible to anticipate what the future will bring and how it will affect the data center.

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