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How IT Decisions Impact Data Center Facilities: The Importance of Mutual Understanding

Decisions and actions typically under the jurisdiction of the IT side of data center management can have a profound impact on the mechanical plant functions and resultant operating costs of the data center. By understanding these relationships, IT and facilities management should be able to form a more cooperative approach to managing the data center, resulting in a more effective and efficient operation, thereby better fulfilling often contradictory objectives.

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Liebert® DSE™ with EconoPhase™: Highest Efficiency DX Cooling with pumped refrigerant economizer

In today’s data center, minimizing annual energy usage while maintaining reliability is increasingly important. While chilled-water loops operating at elevated temperatures supported by water-side economizers have helped to decrease energy usage, new innovations are changing how the data center industry thinks about direct expansion (DX) cooling infrastructures with respect to efficiency, scalability and reliability.

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Effectiveness and Implementation of Modular Containment in Existing Data Centers

Physical separation of hot and cold air is one of the most effective ways to increase efficiency and utilization in a data center. Managing airflow at the aisle level is essential to achieving these goals

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Power and Cooling Design Guidelines for Network Access Rooms

Network access rooms present a challenge as far as power and cooling are concerned. In this dynamic environment, it is important to size and scale the power and cooling solutions for flexibility and future growth. Because network access equipment has traditionally been housed in converted closets or other spaces not well suited for electronics, its reliability and that of newer devices has been placed in jeopardy.

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Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) Reveals Stranded Capacity and Data Center Cost Savings

The average computer room today has cooling capacity that is nearly four times the IT heat load. Using data from 45 sites reviewed by Upsite Technologies, this white paper will show how you can calculate, benchmark, interpret, and benefit from a simple and practical metric called the Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF).

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Effectiveness and Implementation of Modular Containment in Existing Data Centers

Hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment have been used in computer rooms for years to improve efficiency, increase rack densities and improve overall utilization of the computer room. To date, the data center industry has mainly used hard wall containment and soft curtain containment to accomplish these goals. This paper will introduce and examine a simpler, more cost-effective and easier-to-implement solution called Modular Containment.

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Computer Room Modular Data Center Comparison, Eight Types of Prefabricated Modular Data Centers

Many terms, with varying definitions and scopes, have been used to describe data center systems or subsystems that are pre-assembled in a factory.
These terms create confusion and lead to dysfunctional discussions because they overlap and are ambiguous in meaning.

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Seven Ways Precision Air Conditioning Outperforms Comfort Systems In Controlled Environments

Precision cooling systems are designed specifically to meet the needs of dense electronic loads, which generate a dryer heat than typical comfort-cooling environments and require year-round, 24-hour cooling. Electronics are also more sensitive to variations in humidity and air quality than typical comfort-cooling environments.

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Do you need help with your Disaster Preparedness?

A disaster preparedness plan is crucial to organizations operating in 24/7/365 environments. With zero disruption the goal, management must carefully evaluate and mitigate risks to the physical infrastructure that supports the mission-critical facility. While business continuity planning typically addresses Information Technology, this paper reviews and discusses the requirements of the facility’s infrastructure as part of a comprehensive business continuity disaster plan.

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Preventive Maintenance (PM) Strategy for Data Centers

The term preventive maintenance (also known as preventative maintenance) implies the systematic inspection and detection of potential failures before they occur. PM is a broad term and involves varying approaches to problem avoidance and prevention depending upon the criticality of the data center.

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Tier Classifications Define Site Infrastructure Performance

This paper includes a summary of the performance based outcome requirements of a four-Tier system and provides discussion and illustrations of each classification. Actual site availability performance, combining both design topology and Operational Sustainability (site location, topology decisions about robustness and operability, construction implementation, and site management and staffing), are presented by Tier Classification.

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Data Center Cooling Assessments – What They Can Do for You

Managing data centers and IT facilities is becoming increasingly complicated as the push to “Go Green” is being felt worldwide. IT managers are faced with the challenge of consolidating power through virtualization, blade servers, more efficient power supplies and a number of other methods. The bottom line is this – reduce power, carbon emissions, and the utility bill while maintaining performance.

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Site Selection for Mission Critical Facilities

When selecting a new site or evaluating an existing site, there are dozens of risk factors that must be considered if optimal availability is to be obtained. Geographic, site-related, building, and economic risks need to be understood and mitigated to lessen the downtime effects on your business. In this paper guidelines are established for selecting a new site or assessing an existing one. Common risks that affect the availability of a business are defined and techniques for minimizing these risks are presented.

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The Top 9 Mistakes in Data Center Planning

The key lies in the methodology you use to design and build your data center facilities. All too often, companies base their plans on watts per square foot, cost to build per square foot, and tier level—criteria that may be misaligned with their overall business goals and risk profile. Poor planning leads to poor use of valuable capital and can increase operational expense.

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Ten Steps to Increasing Data Center Efficiency

The ten steps outlined in this paper provide a systematic approach to building the foundation for data center infrastructure management by deploying and leveraging measurement, intelligent controls and centralized monitoring and management. Data centers employing these 10 prescribed point solutions for infrastructure performance monitoring stand to gain an operational, strategic and transformative advantage for their enterprise or business.

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Calculating the Cost of Data Center Outages

The Cost of Data Center Outages study is the first benchmark study that attempts to estimate the full costs associated with an unplanned data center outage. This benchmark analysis focuses on representative samples of organizations in the U.S. that experienced at least one complete or partial unplanned data center outage during the past 12 months.

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Addressing the Leading Root Causes of Downtime: Technology Investments and Best Practices for Assuring Data Center Availability

Today’s data center has evolved into a strategic business asset at the core of business performance and customer satisfaction. However, as the criticality of data center operations continues to increase, so too do the financial and intangible costs of a downtime event.

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